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What single-use plastics bans are in place in Australia?

State and Territory bans on the sale and supply of single-use plastics are slowly gathering pace across Australia. South Australia’s ban on the sale or supply of covering single-use plastic drinking straws, cutlery and beverage stirrers began on a1 March 2021. Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) are set to follow suit later in the year. Victoria is the latest to announce future single-use plastic bans. In addition, the Australian Government recently released its National Plastics Plan and plans to phase out “problematic and unnecessary single-use plastic”. Industry is also responding with voluntary removal of single-use plastic items.

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Contaminated soil removal
Contaminated Land

How will waste determinations work?

Waste determinations are a new way to allow the unrestricted reuse of low-risk waste. Waste that complies with a determination can be reused without the need to obtain an EPA permission or paperwork. They will be introduced with the start of the new Victorian Environment Protection Act on 1 July 2021 (new EPA Act).

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Two pieces of one orange
Dispute Resolution

The orange story and the benefits of Mediation

The story of the orange illustrates how mediation can offer better dispute resolution. Two kids are fighting over a large, juice-laden orange. Each one wants it, and neither is willing to give up. Their father, frustrated with the bickering, comes over and cuts the orange, giving each child half. Both children erupt into tears. Surprised, the father asks why.

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Welcome to Gibbs Advisory

It is with great pleasure that I am launching Gibbs Advisory, a boutique legal, mediation and advisory firm. After 25+ years as a commercial lawyer, legal educator and environmental advocate, it’s exciting to be able to offer you the highest quality advice, practical solutions and exceptional value for money with personal and confidential attention.

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